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We now use Solar World solar panels with more wattage and larger EnPhase inverters. The Solar Car Charger incorporates a 1,410 watt sun tracking array to supplement electric vehicle charging requirements. Standard Level II Car Chargers are mounted to the base of the tracking pole and conveniently situated to service two vehicles at once.

Sun Tracking provides up to 30% more power which is converted to AC and fed into the utility grid for generation credit. Car chargers are similarly connected to the local power grid and maintain 100% availability.

The solar power production and power supplied to EV’s is monitored for a complete energy system accounting and analysis and it is available to the owner over the internet.

  • Grid-Tied Solar Array

  • 100% Grid-Tied Availability¬†

  • Average Production: 7.5 kWH/Day

  • 2 SemaConnect Car Chargers

  • LEVEL II Fast Charging

  • Full Charge Usage Reporting

  • “Azimuth” Sun Tracking

  • Standard AASHTO Pole

Additional Information

1,410 watt array (6 solar panels)
Power 6 @ 235W
Type of cell Polysilicon
Max Power Voltage 30.7 VDC
Max Power Current 7.7 A
Grid Tie inverters (6 – EnPhase M215)
Voltage output to grid 208/240 VAC
Static MPPT efficiency 99.6%
Peak inverter efficiency 96.3%
Pole diameter at base 10″
Overall Height (includes solar array) 18′-4″
Array height and width 8′ (apparent) x 11.5′
Clearance under array 10′-4″
High strength pole designed for max wind gust 90 MPH
Temperature operating range -40C to +65C
Mount mechanism, controller, motor 5 yr limited warranty
Grid-tied inverter Manufacturer’s Warranty
Solar Panel Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Engineered footer drawing – Contact for spec drawing
  • Bolt pole to footer anchor bolts
  • Electrical Integration
    2 conduits @ 1.5 diameter
    Wire per local code
    (call for name of qualified installer in your areas)
  • Microprocessor-based true position sun tracking
  • GPS enabled for automatic initialization
  • High accuracy tracking
  • Fail-safe return to due South
  • No batteries to replace
  • Efficient controller with low power consumption
  • 30+ % improvement in energy collection
  • +/- 100 degrees in azimuth rotation
  • Steel construction with powder coat surface treatment
  • Heavy Duty sealed bearing slew drive
  • No scheduled maintenance required