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Pole Mount (Single Panel Tracker) - WinGenPower.com

Pole Mount (Single Panel Tracker)

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We have upgraded to using Solar World solar panels for more wattage and have increase the EnPhase inverters to bring you better power. The Pole Mounted 260 Watt Sun Tracking Solar Power Unit is designed for simple installation on a conventional light or utility pole. The mount holds a single 260 watt panel that is installed on cross arms connected to a rotating pivot tube oriented with the earth’s polar axis. An automotive actuator and micro processor rotate the panel to track the sun and produce up to 30% more power per day.

The SPT pole mount unit is designed to use conventional light poles as a mounting structure with convenient access to the utility grid. Power produced by the SPT is fed to the grid to offset what is required from the utility and capture savings at the current utility rates.

The SPT pole mount generators are perfect for commercial parking lots with multiple light poles. Snap on banners on both sides of the SPT pole mount unit provides promotional space for decorations, company logos, or paid-for advertising.

  • Distributed Power Generation

  • Feed Power to the Local Grid

  • 30% Gain in Energy Capture

  • Easy Installation

  • Active Sun Tracking

Additional Information

Motech 235 watt module
Power 235W
Type of cell polycrystalline silicon
Max Power Voltage 30.7 V
Max Power Current 7.7 A
Grid Tie inverters (EnPhase M215)
Voltage output to grid 208 or 240 VAC
Static MPPT efficiency 99.6%
Peak inverter efficiency 96.3%
Dimensions (solar panel) 65″h x 39.1″w x 1.97″d
Dimensions (mount and frame total envelope) 48″ h x 78″w x 48″ d
Weight (installed with solar panels) 119 lb
Cooling Natural Convection
Mounting 2 “U” bolts with cradles (1/2″ bolts for wood poles)

(for wood posts, other fasteners available for steel poles)

High strength steel mount designed for max gust 90 MPH
Temperature operating range -40C to +65C
Snow loading less than 36″ on panels
Mount mechanism, controller, motor 5 yr limited warranty
Grid-tied inverter Manufacturer’s Warranty
Solar Panel Manufacturer’s Warranty
Pole Mount Brackets Round pole – 4″, 5″, 6″ diameter Square pole – 4″, 5″, 6″ sides 1/2″ Bolts for wooden poles
Inverter AC Installation Kits Quick wire 1 – with Photo-eye Quick wire 2 – without Photo-eye

Web based performance and Analysis (Envoy communications)

  • Microprocessor-based true position sun tracking
  • GPS enabled for automatic initialization
  • High accuracy tracking
  • Fail-safe return to due South
  • No batteries to replace
  • Efficient controller with low power consumption
  • 30+ % improvement in energy collection
  • +/- 60 degrees¬†collection sweep
  • Steel construction with powder coat surface treatment
  • High reliability sealed actuator
  • Steel gear transmission and bronze bushings
  • No scheduled maintenance required