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Home Units (Dual Panel Tracker) - WinGenPower.com

Home Units (Dual Panel Tracker)

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With Solar World solar panels, we now produce more wattage and use larger EnPhase inverters. The 520 watt Dual Panel Tracker (DPT) is a 2 panel tracking mount designed for simple installation on a pole or simple wooden post.

Two 260 watt panels are installed on a rotating pivot tube oriented with the earth’s polar axis. An automotive actuator and microprocessor rotate the panel to track the sun and produce up to 30% more power per day.

The DPT ground mount unit is a convenient option for home use. The 6″x6″ wood post is installed like a fence post and multiple units can be installed to meet nearly any power requirement. A local licensed electrician can easily install the wiring to produce a grid-tied home power system or a stand-alone independent power system.

The DPT system provides an easy way for homeowners to install a high performance home power system that is ground level with no roof mounting structures required.

  • Grid-Tied Power Production

  • Average Production: 2.15 kWH/Day

  • Install Yourself

  • Active Sun Tracking

Additional Information

Motech 235 watt module (2 modules)
Power 2 @ 235W = 470 total
Type of cell polycrystalline silicon
Max Power Voltage 2 @ 30.7 V
Max Power Current 2 @ 7.7 A
Grid Tie inverters (2 x EnPhase M215)
Voltage output to grid 208 or 240 VAC
Static MPPT efficiency 99.6%
Peak inverter efficiency 96.3%
Dimensions (solar panel) 2 @ 65″h x 39.1″w x 1.97″d
Dimensions (mount and frame total envelope) 48″ h x 78″w x 48″ d
Weight (installed with solar panels) 165 lb
Cooling Natural Convection
Mounting 1/2″ dia. bolts

(for wood posts, other fasteners available for steel poles)

High strength steel mount designed for max gust 90 MPH
Temperature operating range -40C to +65C
Snow loading less than 12″ on panels
Mount mechanism, controller, motor 5 yr limited warranty
Grid-tied inverter Manufacturer’s Warranty
Solar Panel Manufacturer’s Warranty
Wooden post mounting 8 ft – 6″ x 6″ treated wooden post
36″ minimum depth hole
16″ diameter concrete fill recommended
1/2″ dia. Bolts
Electrical Integration with power distribution panel (call for name of qualified installer
in your area)
  • Microprocessor-based true position sun tracking
  • GPS enabled for automatic initialization
  • High accuracy tracking
  • Fail-safe return to due South
  • No batteries to replace
  • Efficient controller with low power consumption
  • 30+ % improvement in energy collection
  • +/- 60 degrees collection sweep
  • Steel construction with powder coat surface treatment
  • High reliability sealed actuator
  • Steel gear transmission and bronze bushings
  • No scheduled maintenance required