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About Us - WinGenPower.com

About Us

Meet Our Team

Our Team

Ted & Loree Long

Ted & Loree Long

J.C. Kelsey

J.C. Kelsey

Sunflower Sun-Tracking Solar System
Junior Loggins

Junior Loggins

Wind turbines and towers

Our History

Win-Gen Power got its start back in 2009.

As a company, our goal was always to provide our customers with reliable, renewable energy through the sales and service of wind turbines.

Back in those early days, saving money was our #1 passion, we weren’t always sure what we were getting into—but we learned a lot through our own desires for earth-friendly, renewable energy systems. The first wind turbine that we ever bought was the Skystream 3.7, manufactured by Southwest Windpower in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Ted actually went out and visited the plant himself—which impressed him so much that we later became a ‘certified dealer’ under their name.

We decided to install the Skystream 3.7 on our own property, just to see how it performed before offering it to our customers. This was back in November of 2008. As soon as it was operational, our electric bills began to shrink.
This was when we realized, for the first time, that renewable energy could really work—not just for us, but for everyone.

Discovering the Power of Renewable Energy

After trying the Skystream 3.7 ourselves for about 3 months, we decided to sell them. We made our first sale in May of 2009, and have continued to sell them even after being sold to Xzeres. We continue to have pride in that Xzeres continues to manufacture in the USA.

The cheapest electric bill that we ever experienced while using the Skystream 3.7 was $3.58. In fact, during the months of April, May, and June of 2014, we bought no electricity from the power company whatsoever—though this effort was aided by the installation of one of our newest and most impressive products yet; the Sunflower Sun Tracking Solar System, which we had installed back in 2013.

We quickly realized that with the Skystream 3.7 and three sets of this new solar system that we’d been testing, we paid absolutely nothing to the co-op for electricity. After installing them, we realized that these Sunflower Sun-Tracking Solar Systems were hands down the best thing on the market in terms of affordable solar power.

These ‘trackers’ follow the sun’s path through the sky during the day, producing as much as 30% more power than stationary systems.

In fact, these systems were so impressive that we ended up buying ATR Solar Tech back in July of 2015—which became one of the biggest ‘expansions’ in our company’s history.

Renewable Energy – The Limitless Resource for the Future

What most people don’t realize is that Tri-Country Electric Coop and a lot of other power companies across the country offer a service called ‘Net Metering’. When using this service, a properly-installed renewable energy source that produces more power for your business or residence than you need or use will actually run the meter backwards and lower your electric bill!

You can use this process to store energy on the grid for later use when your renewable sources aren’t producing as much power; such as during the night or on days when there isn’t enough wind to turn the turbine. One of the great features about our solar panel system is that it takes very little sun to actually charge the panels.

Once you’ve used up your stored credit, you can then use the grid’s power to supplement what isn’t being supplied by your renewable energy.

This system can provide you with seamless renewable power at almost no cost!

Other power companies may also give you credits each quarter for energy that you produced, but never used. These credits are usually around half of what you would pay for a Kwh from the power company—which is pretty awesome!

Renewable Energy, Made Simple

Our company motto is (and really always has been) as follows…

“We aren’t happy until our customer is happy.”

Our goal is to help people save money on their energy bills.

Let’s face it—renewable energy sources, as of right now, are free to harness and utilize. Plus, the majority of these systems will pay for themselves in the span of 5 to 7 years, making them a long term, affordable option that makes complete sense in our modern economy.

The energy that currently comes from the grid, however, is just going to increase in price. As people become more and more aware of the fact that we need to help the planet and reduce our carbon footprint, they’ll also realize that burning coal to create energy will soon be a thing of the past.

If you take a look at www.dsireusa.org, you’ll find a list of renewable energy credits that are offered by the Federal Government and each state. You can find information on the new Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit, which has a set credit amount of 30%–which is phenomenal! This means you can use your renewable energy credits to pay for any taxes you owe at the end of the year.

We also had a part in helping the cities of Weatherford and Willow Park, Texas, to write their ordinances on wind-turbines within city limits—which makes it even easier for people in these areas to harness the boundless and incredible benefits of wind power.

Long story short, it’s simply never been more affordable to invest in renewable energy—and we’re here to help and assist our customers in any way possible!

In the end, it’s all going to be about renewable energy, done simply and effectively—which is why we always do what we do in accordance with following mantra…

“Renewable Energy, Made Simple.”

What People Say

Without reservation, I would recommend Ted and Loree Long as individuals that will make positive contributions to whatever is required to accomplish a goal for the good of themselves, the organization and our community.

Zan S. Prince, CLU, ChFC

Ted Long has always been a man of principle, honesty and a man of integrity. Whatever Ted tells you, you can completely rely on it.

Noel A. Bryan, DVM
Weatherford Veterinary Clinic

Ted and Loree Long installed two wind turbines for us. Their prompt attention to the installation was very much appreciated. I would recommend them as a installer of wind generated electrical products. Their electrician is knowledgable and his installation is of the highest quality.

Jerry and Judy Bartlett
Decatur, Texas

Anyone can make a sale but we know the work only begins when the order is received and the product is only as good as the dealer who stands behind the product and the company who produces and warranties it’s goods and services. Thank you for the professional manner in which your company performs it’s operations.

Larry Bartoli

We were Ted’s first customer for the configuration. (Sunflower Sun-Tracking SoIar System) I cannot find enough accolades to shower Win-Gen Power with. They are the best. Following two separate significant storm events, Ted called to make sure our system was okay.

Kent and Kim Olson
Mineral Wells, TX

Very pleased with service provided and the solar panels. Will install more solar panels in the future.

Bill H.
Sherman, TX
I prefer solar panels over windmills mainly because the maintenance can be done much easier and cheaper on the solar panels.
Win-Gen does a great job with installation as well as maintenance.
Penny W.
Joshua, TX

I appreciate a good clean job followed by a firm handshake.

Dan W.
Ponder, TX

The Win-Gen team did a great job in replacing brushes. (Skystream 3.7 wind turbine) They were friendly and professional. They showed up as promised on time and ready to go to work.

Clyde B.
Lawton, OK

I was referred to them by Imperial Electric who installed my previous windmill. I like Ted personally and had confidence he would do a good job and be honest with me.

Mary M.
Dallas, TX

I am completely satisfied with my solar panels. They were easy to install and started working right away. I’m so pleased, I have placed another order with Ted. This is a great product.

Rodger J.
Ardmore, OK

Several months ago, I had Win-Gen install solar panels (6 sets) at my place. I was so pleased with the results that I installed more panels recently. From the first contact with Win-Gen, Ted responded promptly with all the information needed. Ted came out to personally supervise installation and set up. Ted and crew showed up on time and worked continually until the job was finished. I have had no issues with the quality of work or the performance of the solar panels. If you are considering solar panels, I would recommend calling Win-Gen. They are very helpful and stand behind their product. They WILL make a difference in your electric bill.

Steve R.
Bridgeport, TX